Submission Guidelines is updated daily (sort of). And we will be publishing the print version again in the future, so please keep that in mind, especially regarding high-res images, artwork, illustrations, and comix.

Our purpose is to encourage thoughts and ideas among women and men and to become a forum for discussion, inspiration, shared wisdom, and adventure in the arts, sports, music, fashion, comix, video gaming, technology, and various other unique lifestyle subcultures surrounding women’s culture. We are dedicated to the uncensored expressions of the above-beyond the constraints of any single medium-although for now we’re mostly online.

Submissions may include photography, illustrations, comics, art, poetry, humor, essays, features, profiles, reviews, and first-person accounts of herstory. Here are the details:

Visuals: Digi submissions preferred. Please photograph original artwork. Promotional pieces and cool stuff (like comic books, art-as-stickers, art-as-pins, T’s) welcome. All work must be labeled with your name, address, and phone number attached to each piece. If it’s the hardcopy version, it must be accompanied with the appropriate-sized, self-addressed, postage-ready packaging. Send to: W.i.g. Magazine, 411 South Main St., #614, Los Angeles, CA 90013;

Words: Except for poetry, please limit submissions to three. Preferably as a Microsoft Word document. Currently, we’re in need of interesting essays, photo journals, and 2 more comix written by women or featuring a main female character(s). However we do have our own comix, but will accept outside work.

We’re also looking for more reviews on:

Video games from female gamers Digi and video camera reviews Computers and accessories (and please, not only Apple products) Cute and functional backpacks and bike messenger bags Features are accepted but we usually prefer work by published authors and we have a backload of features by our published author friends in the wings. But please go ahead and send your feature if you think it has that sparkle of specialness.

Some Lip is a great section for short, smart, news pieces-from political to humorous to eco, so consider this section a place to get started with us if you’ve got a 30- to 400-word piece.

Travel: We love travel pieces but only if they come with corresponding images of quality. Also, developing country stories and women in general from such locations are preferred at the moment.

Sports: Please don’t send us stories about gymnastics, ice skating, diving (OK, maybe), or competitive swimming (i.e., Olympic swimming in lanes is not our thing, but if you swam the English Channel, then OK). Preferences include snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, motocross, BMX, Parkour, street dance/b-girls, roller derby, sky diving, sailing, para-sailing, gliding, martial arts, and boxing.

Fashion: Let’s put it this way, we’re not as interested in couture (unless it’s Goth-Loli or Jean Paul Gaultier or Rei Kawakubo or SkinGraftDesigns) or contemporary, as much as we are into fashion that’s street, sassy, savvy, upper urban, street-contemporary. But we’re not all about denim, cool T-shirt graphics, eco-friendly, and sneaker culture (although we LOVE these genres!).

Music: Where did all of the great grrrl bands go? We’re loving “The Runaways” and are fans of “The Fabulous Stains” movies, but if you’re from the Miley Cyrus school of Hannah Montana, then we probably won’t review your stuff or movies or video or MySpace page. Think Paramore before Katy Perry. Fergie before Beyonce. Madonna AND Lady Gaga. And we’ll take anything on Florence from Florence and the Machine. That’s just the way we roll.

Jane Doe: This is a quick profile section of a girl, woman, old woman who is very inspiring, and NO ONE has probably ever heard of, but she’s unique because of a variety of reasons. This is a place of discovery so if you know a girl that people just need to know, let us know about her. Trannies and man-she’s are OK but it’s really about “her” story more than anything else.

Graffiti and Street Art: Girl artists preferred, obviously, and you don’t have to be Fifi, Miss Vans, Swoon, or Claw Money. For example, we also love Leslie Reppeteaux. She does stuff on many mediums, and we obviously love Joe Sorren (see our former covers of the print version).

Video: We love video clips but currently it has to be in YouTube format. While we absolutely will to run vid, don’t forget that some people scroll right over them and never click, so make sure you have a tag that at the very least is super compelling. Explain what the clip is about and why you’re sending it. We won’t just watch a random clip submission. It can include any of the above genres.

Thank you for considering us for your submissions. We greatly appreciate your interest and your work. We look forward to meeting more Wiggers and introducing you to a whole new passionate audience.

Let the journey begin…again!

The Wiggers