W.i.g. Magazine started in 1995—the first ‘zine to hit newsstands covering women in action sports, rock climbing, dance, art, music, alternative fashion, craftiness, poetry, music, car culture, and lots of super inspiring young women doing it for themselves.

W.i.g.’s purpose is to encourage thoughts and ideas among women and men by becoming a forum for discussion, inspiration, shared wisdom, and adventure in the arts, music, sports, and women’s culture. Wiggers tend to be the movers and shakers — diving into everything they do. Here, you’ll find passionate tales of women musicians, alternative sports athletes, environmentalists, book readers, DJs, bike messengers and fixies, videographers, motocrossers, Vespa-lovers, alt fashion designers, and more. Add in an animated female comic heroine, and you’ve got the world of W.i.g.